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  • TDC2000

    TDC2000 systems have been in operation for more than 25 years and will not be supported by Honeywell any more in the future. However, we do support the same in all aspects. PLCMax offers a complete selection of TDC 2000 chassis, replacement parts, and accessories.

TDC2000 Description Stock Level
TDC2000 Description Stock Level
30671513-001 C-TCB30 Terminal Panel In Stock
30731391-001 C-TAF00 Terminal Panel In Stock
30731673-001 CB 4K Core Memory In Stock
30731708-001 Auxiliary Card File In Stock
30731719-001 Signal Isolator Board In Stock
30731720-001 Multiplier/Divider In Stock
30731721-001 MV/I-2-100 In Stock
30731721-002 MV/I-2-100 (IS FM & CSA) In Stock
30731721-003 MV/I-2-100 (IS BASEEFA) In Stock
30731721-004 MV/I-2-100 (IS PTB) In Stock
30731722-001 Square Root Extractor Call
30731722-002 Square Root Extractor In Stock
30731723-001 MV/I-10-50mV In Stock
30731724-001 R/I Board Call
30731724-002 R/I Board (IS FM & CSA) In Stock
30731724-003 R/I board (IS BASEEFA) In Stock
30731808-001 Regulator Card In Stock
30731808-002 Regulator for RCD, ERCD In Stock
30731808-003 Regulator Card In Stock
30731808-004 Regulator for RCD, ERCD In Stock
30731811-001 Output Card In Stock
30731811-003 OUTPUT In Stock
30731814-004 Hiway 2 Board In Stock
30731814-005 HWY 2 - Analog Unit CA00X Call
30731817-004 Hiway 1 Board Call
30731817-005 Hiway 1 Board In Stock
30731817-006 Hiway 1 Board In Stock
30731820-001 DEP Interface In Stock
30731823-001 A/D Mux Board In Stock
30731829-006 Solid State Memory In Stock
30731832-001 Processor Board In Stock
30731832-002 Processor - EC, ERCD, DHP In Stock
30731832-003 Processor - PIU, RCD, OP In Stock
30731832-004 Processor - ERCD, DHP In Stock
30731832-005 Processor - PIU, Op Stn In Stock
30731832-006 Processor - DHP In Stock
30731832-007 Processor - Op Stn Only In Stock
30731900-011 CB/EC card file backplane In Stock
30731995-002 250O Resistor (8-pack) In Stock
30731995-005 250O Resistors (4-pack) In Stock
30731996-002 250O Resistor (single) In Stock
30732037-001 HTD/PAE Display Module In Stock
30732055-001 Hiway Tee - single In Stock
30732100-001 Coax Tee Kit - Data Hiway In Stock
30732219-001 Cable Logic (TDC Board) Call
30732219-002 Cable Logic Assembly In Stock
30732219-003 Cable Logic Board In Stock
30732219-004 Cable Logic Assembly In Stock
30732233-001 Cable Driver & Detectors In Stock
30732254-001 Display Generator DMA In Stock
30732266-001 Rel. 310 op. sta. Memory In Stock
30732269-001 Memory DMA (MOS) Call
30732269-002 Memory DMA (Op Station) In Stock
30732386-001 GPCI Test Logic In Stock
30732393-001 GPCI Driver/Receiver In Stock
30732396-001 GPCI Hiway Logic In Stock
30732425-001 Recorder Interface In Stock
30732439-003 Display Generator Op Stn In Stock
30732480-001 BBU P/S Charger 115V In Stock
30732480-002 BBU P/S Charger 240V In Stock
30733155-001 HTD, PAE Regulator Card In Stock
30733157-001 HTD Cable I/F In Stock
30733159-001 HTD Driver/Detector In Stock
30733159-002 HTD Driver/Detector In Stock
30733174-001 HTD Chassis w/boards In Stock
30733262-001 Cassette Interface In Stock
30734492-001 G.C.K. Keyboard Interface Call
30734558-001 Battery Backup Logic In Stock
30734772-001 Aux Alarm Card 3 single In Stock
30734772-002 Auxiliary Alarm 2 Dual In Stock
30734982-001 Cassette Bootstrap In Stock
30735150-003 PAE Cardfile & Backplane In Stock
30735173-002 PAE Logic Board In Stock
30735857-001 CB CMOS Memory In Stock
30735857-005 EC CMOS Memory In Stock
30735860-001 Transceiver - RCD In Stock
30735863-001 Switching Card - 16-Relay In Stock
30735863-002 Switching Card - 12-Relay In Stock
30735866-001 Decoder Card - RCD In Stock
30735869-001 RCD file/backplane In Stock
30735871-003 RCD File/Backplane In Stock
30735873-001 Loop Module Card In Stock
30735876-001 JDP00 Junction Panel In Stock
30735887-001 Printer Interface In Stock
30735892-003 6-Cond Addrs Cable RC-RCD Call
30735974-002 Trend Memory Board In Stock
30735974-003 Trend Memory - TDC 2000 In Stock
30736220-001 Keyboard Interface In Stock
30750218-003 12K ROM/1K RAM - RCD In Stock
30750218-008 ROM/RAM: Basic Controller Call
30750218-009 ROM/RAM: Basic Controller In Stock
30750218-010 ROM/RAM: Basic Controller In Stock
30750218-011 ROM/RAM: ST/DC - RCD In Stock
30750318-002 EC DEP Interface w/DI In Stock
30750318-003 DEP Interface w/o DI In Stock
30750338-002 EC Hiway 2 Board In Stock
30750338-003 Hiway 2 Board In Stock
30750338-004 EC Hiway 2 Board In Stock
30750338-005 Hiway 2 Board In Stock
30750540-002 Op Station Power Supply In Stock
30750730-001 Diskette Interface In Stock
30750732-001 EC Core Memory 16K In Stock
30750768-001 Digital I/O Switch Card In Stock
30750768-002 Digital I/O Switch Card In Stock
30750768-003 Digital I/O Switch Card In Stock
30750783-003 Diskette Bootstrap Board In Stock
30750786-001 EC EDAC Memory In Stock
30750990-001 Keyboard Interface Op Stn In Stock
30750990-002 Keyboard Interface In Stock
30751044-004 EC ROM II Card In Stock
30751044-005 DHP Controller I ROM In Stock
30751044-006 DHP Controller II ROM In Stock
30751044-007 EC Controller II ROM In Stock
30751044-008 DHP Controller II ROM Call
30751044-009 EC ROM II Card In Stock
30751044-010 DHP Controller II ROM In Stock
30751315-001 C-TCB20 Terminal Panel In Stock
30751853-001 Error Detect & Correct Bd In Stock
30751856-001 Op Station Mem Board 128K In Stock
30752551-001 DHP Backplane In Stock
30752588-001 DHP 8K X 17 CMOS RAM In Stock
30752766-001 DHP RS232C Transceiver In Stock
30752787-001 DHP Comm. Logic Board Call
30752787-002 DHP Comm. Logic Board In Stock
30752787-003 DHP Comm Logic board In Stock
30752946-001 DHP Battery Test Crd Assy In Stock
30752948-001 DHP Battery Assembly In Stock
30753732-001 Hiway Coupler Module In Stock
38002931-100 MFC Battery (new style) In Stock
4DP7APCFA106 High Level PIU CCFA In Stock
4DP7APCFA107 High LevelPIU PCFA w/term In Stock
4DP7APCFA109 High LevelPIU PCFA w/Elco In Stock
4DP7APCFA206 Low Level PIU CCFA In Stock
4DP7APCFA207 Low Level PIU PCFA In Stock
4DP7APCFA306 Low Energy PIU CCFA In Stock
4DP7APCFA309 Low Energy PIU CCFA In Stock
4DP7APCFA402 High Level PIU CCFA In Stock
4DP7APCFA403 High Level PIU CCFA In Stock
4DP7APCFA502 Low Level PIU CCFA In Stock
4DP7APCFA601 Low Energy PIU CCFA In Stock
4DP7APXAD111 A/D Converter HLPIU In Stock
4DP7APXAD211 A/D Converter HLPIU In Stock
4DP7APXAD611 A/D Converter LLPIU In Stock
4DP7APXAD911 A/D Converter LE PIU In Stock
4DP7APXDH111 Hiway Cable Interface In Stock
4DP7APXDH122 Hiway Cable Interface SOE In Stock
4DP7APXDH222 Data Hiway DMA In Stock
4DP7APXDH233 Data Hiway DMA In Stock
4DP7APXDH244 DHP Data Hiway DMA In Stock
4DP7APXIA111 Analog Input, 0-5V, 100ms In Stock
4DP7APXIA122 Analog Input, 0-5V, 100ms In Stock
4DP7APXIA211 Analog In 4-20mA w/o pwr In Stock
4DP7APXIA222 Analog In 4-20mA w/o pwr In Stock
4DP7APXIA311 Analog Input 4-20mA w/24V In Stock
4DP7APXIA322 Analog Input 4-20mA w/24V In Stock
4DP7APXIA422 Analog Input 0-5V, 2ms In Stock
4DP7APXIA811 LL 8-Point Mux no sig con In Stock
4DP7APXIA911 Signal Condition LL In Stock
4DP7APXID111 Dig Input (24V 1ms filtr) In Stock
4DP7APXID211 Dig Input (24V 24ms fltr) In Stock
4DP7APXID311 Dig Input (48V 1ms filtr) In Stock
4DP7APXID411 Dig Input (48V 24ms fltr) In Stock
4DP7APXID511 Dig Input TTL 0.1ms fltr In Stock
4DP7APXID611 Dig Inpt (125VDC 1ms flt) In Stock
4DP7APXID622 Dig In (125VDC 24ms fltr) In Stock
4DP7APXIO111 HL PIU I/O Bus Controller In Stock
4DP7APXIO211 HL PIU I/O Bus Controller In Stock
4DP7APXIP111 Pulse Input Slow (24/48V) In Stock
4DP7APXIP211 Pulse Input Fast (24/48V) In Stock
4DP7APXIP311 Pulse Input Slow (125V) In Stock
4DP7APXIP411 Pulse Input Fast (24/48V) In Stock
4DP7APXMD111 LE Mux Driver In Stock
4DP7APXMD211 Multiplexer PWB In Stock
4DP7APXOA111 PIU Analog Out 4-20mA In Stock
4DP7APXOA211 Analog Output 4-20mA In Stock
4DP7APXOA311 4-20mA Analog Output In Stock
4DP7APXOD111 Digital Output point card In Stock
4DP7APXOD211 Digital Output, SS HLPIU In Stock
4DP7APXOD311 Digital Output (Relay) In Stock
4DP7APXOD411 Digital Output (SS) In Stock
4DP7APXPM133 HL PIU PROM/RAM R310/320 In Stock
4DP7APXPM333 PROM/RAM Board In Stock
4DP7APXPR211 Power Regulator, 5V & 15V In Stock
4DP7APXPR311 Power Regulator, 5V In Stock
4DP7APXRP111 Power Supply, RTD LL PIU In Stock
4DP7APXSC111 4-20 mA LL Signal Cond. In Stock
4DP7APXSC211 LL sig cond current 1mA In Stock
4DP7APXSC311 LL sig cond current 10mA In Stock
4DP7APXSD111 Feed thru (dummn) LL PIU In Stock
4DP7APXSM111 LL PIU Submultiplexer In Stock
4DP7APXSR111 Sig Con 10 Ohm copper RTD In Stock
4DP7APXSR211 Sig Con 120 Ohm Nickl RTD In Stock
4DP7APXSR311 Sig Cond 100 Ohm Platinum RTD In Stock
4DP7APXSV111 Sig Cond 1-5V (LL PIU) In Stock
4DP7APXSV211 +/-5, 10, 20, 40V LL PIU In Stock
51103671-100 Honeywell Board In Stock
51104410-100 LL Sig. Reference PWB In Stock
51108088100 DHI I/O Call
51195053-100 STDC Smart Transmitter Bd In Stock
51195095-100 5.25in Op Station Floppy In Stock
51196879-100 U-Ctrl CB Proc Kit no DEP In Stock
51196880-100 U-Ctrl CB Proc Kit w/DEP In Stock
51196881-100 U-Ctrl EC Proc Kit no DEP In Stock
51196882-100 U-Ctrl EC Proc Kit w/DEP In Stock
51196885-100 U-Controller Hwy Kit UDHI Call
51196886-100 U-Controller I/O Kit In Stock
51196886-200 U-Controller I/O Rplc Kit In Stock
51196989-100 Universal Regulator In Stock
51196989-200 Universal Regulator Kit In Stock
51198706-100 Universal Set, CB w/o DEP Call
51198707-100 Universal Set, CB w/DEP Call
51198708-100 Universal Set, EC w/o DEP Call
51198709-100 Universal Set, EC w/DEP Call
51198801-100 UPIU Kit - Proc, PROM/RAM In Stock
51198802-100 Universal PIU Upgrade Set Call
51198831-100 U-Controllr Hwy Kit UDHI2 Call
51301239-100 LE Mux Board (TC) Call
51301256-100 LE Terminal Board (TC) In Stock
51301259-100 LE Logic Board (RTD) Call
51301262-100 LE Input Terminal Bd(RTD) In Stock
51301874-100 LE Mux Board (TC) In Stock
51301874100 TC Mux Call
51301877-100 LE Mux Board (RTD) In Stock
51301877100 RTD Mux Call
51301880-100 LE Terminal Board (TC) In Stock
51301880-101 LE Terminal Board (WPC) In Stock
51301880100 Term Bd Call
51301882-100 LE Terminal Board (RTD) In Stock
51301882100 Term Bd Call
51302390-100 I/O Bus Integrity Card In Stock
51302607-100 LE Mux Board (RTD) In Stock
51302608-100 LE Thermocouple Relay Call
51303888-100 PC Interface Board In Stock
51304186-100 DC/DC Converter In Stock
51304207-100 PAE Logic (Round Robin) In Stock
51304283-100 HTD Logic (Round Robin) In Stock
51304283-100 (Round Robin) HTD director Call
51304528-100 EC RAM Memory In Stock
51304797-100 Display Generator Op Stn In Stock
51305390-100 UCPU for CB w/o DEP Int. In Stock
51305390-200 UCPU CB w/DEP Int. option In Stock
51305390-300 UCPU for EC w/o DIDEP In Stock
51305390-400 Universal EC w/DIDEP In Stock
51305406-100 Universal I/O UCIO In Stock
51305408-100 Universal Hiway I/F UDHI Call
51305552-100 URCD Board In Stock
51305701-100 Universal Hiway I/F UDHI2 In Stock
51306154-100 UPIU Board for HL, LL, LE In Stock
51306271-175 Universal I/O 2 UCIO2 In Stock
51400700100 DHI In Stock
62795601-001 Signal Limiter In Stock
62795604-001 Auxiliary Alarm 4 single In Stock
62795604-002 Auxiliary Alarm 3 Dual In Stock
62795607-003 Integrator (Linear) In Stock
62795607-004 Aux Integrator (Sq Rt) In Stock
62795610-001 Adder/Subtractor In Stock
62795613-001 Signal Sel./Scale & Bias In Stock
80360139-001 AMC J-DIM00 Dig Input In Stock
80360140-001 AMC J-DOM10 32 Pt Dig Out In Stock
80360140-011 AMC J-DOM00 16 Pt Dig Out In Stock
80360141-011 AMC J-HAM10 HL Analog In In Stock
80360142-001 AMC HMM00 HL Mux Module In Stock
80360143-011 AMC J-AOM10 Analog Output In Stock
80360144-001 AMC HCX00 Hiway Cable I/F Call
80360145-011 AMC J-MSC10 Cntrl Module In Stock
80360146-011 AMC MHM10 Hiway Interface In Stock
80360147-001 AMC UAC Director Module In Stock
80360155-001 AMC Front Terminal Block Call
80360185-001 AMC J-PIM00 Pulse Input In Stock
80360195-001 AMC J-DOM20 Dig Output In Stock
80360199-001 AMC STM00 ST/DC Module In Stock
80360300-001 512KW Memory Yamatake Bd In Stock
80360473-001 AMC J-MSC00 Controller In Stock
80360481-001 MHM00 AMC Hiway Interface In Stock
80360619-001 AMC to J-HIC00 Cable In Stock
80360677-001 AMC Analog Input RTP In Stock
80360680-001 A/O Remt Trmnl Pnl Stndby In Stock
80360686-001 Dual Dig Out Term Panel In Stock
80360689-001 Pulse Input Remote TP In Stock
80360693-001 Analog Output RTP (AMC) In Stock
80360695-001 Digital I/O TP J-RTP00 In Stock
80360697-001 J-HIC20 UAC 9m Cable In Stock
80360713-001 A/I Adapter Unit J-AAU00 In Stock
80360874-001 J-DIM10 Dig Input, AMC In Stock
80361024-001 AMC Digital Output RTP80 In Stock
80361027-001 Enhanced Digital Out RTP In Stock
80603299-001 VREG In Stock
80603812-001 SS Switching Card-16relay In Stock
80603812-002 SS Switching Card-12relay In Stock
80603830-003 ICE Board Kit In Stock
80603883-001 Azbil Robust Output Card (AROC) In Stock
80604117-001 Azbil Robust A/D MUX Card (ARMUX) In Stock
82114805-001 Dot Trend for 520 Op Stn In Stock
82114814-001 P3 Op. Sta. Printer IF In Stock
82114927-001 CRT A for rel 520 Op Stn In Stock
82114927-002 Yamatake CRT-A1 MOS Board In Stock
82114930-001 CRT B for rel 520 Op St In Stock
82114930-002 Yamatake MOS CRT-B1 board In Stock
82117038-001 Yamatake 1MW Memory Bd In Stock
82407381-001 MFC Control Card Assy In Stock
82407387-001 MC IBC Board - JCBC00 In Stock
82407465-001 MC Regulator Board A In Stock
82407468-001 MC Regulator B1 PF100 In Stock
82407468-002 MC Regulator B2 PF200 In Stock
82408060-001 MC Battery (old style) Call
82408217-001 MC CPU Card In Stock
82408217-002 MOS CPU II w/emulator In Stock
82408330-001 MC Hiway 2 In Stock
82408440-001 MC UAC I/F Yamatake Card In Stock
82408443-001 MC 8K RAM Memory In Stock
82408443-002 MC 16K RAM Memory In Stock
82408443-003 MC 24K RAM Memory In Stock
82408443-004 MC PROM Card In Stock
82408485-001 SBLA III In Stock
82408667-001 MC ROM/RAM Memory 535 In Stock
82408667-004 PROM Card (CB530) In Stock
82408667-005 24K RAM MOS Memory CB530 In Stock
CSBU01 Battery Backup Unit 240v In Stock
CSBU11 Battery Backup Unit 115v In Stock
JMBU00 AMC R10 Base Unit Non-Red In Stock
JMBU10 AMC R20 Base Unit, UAC In Stock