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  • TDC3000

    The TDC3000/TPN/TPS system architecture provides Local Control Network for supervisory/HMI functions and Universal Control Network for controllers interface. We offers a complete selection of TDC 2000 chassis, replacement parts, and accessories.

TDC3000 Description Stock Level
TDC3000 Description Stock Level
38500143-100 LCNE Hub Assy Non-Redundant Call
38500143-101 LCNE HUB Assy Universal Voltage Call
38500143-102 LCNE HUB Assy Non-Redun Uni-Voltage Call
38500143-200 LCNE Hub Assy Redundant 110 VAC Call
38500143-201 LCNE HUB Assy Red Universal Voltage Call
38500143-202 LCNE HUB Assy Red Universal Voltage In Stock
38500148-300 Power Supply for LCNE HUB Call
38500148-301 Power Supply for LCNE HUB In Stock
51107403-100 LCN I/O Board In Stock
51107595-100 History Module P/S In Stock
51108088-100 DHI I/O Interface In Stock
51108306-200 Trackball - desktop In Stock
51108899-100 LCNFL Paddle Board In Stock
51109684-100 PM/APM 20A Power Supply In Stock
51109701-100 MP-DFDTM2 Floppy Disk Dr In Stock
51109818-100 U.S. Media Pwr Supply In Stock
51109881-100 LCNE Paddle Board In Stock
51109919-100 Clock Source I/O In Stock
51190896-100 Mini Coax Cable Set In Stock
51191573-100 Touchscreen IR 21in for Z In Stock
51191578-100 Touch Screen for Sony flat screen In Stock
51191596-100 HM dual logical 1.8GB HD In Stock
51195066-100 5-slot chassis PS non-CE In Stock
51195066-200 TDC Micro Pwr Sup 10slot In Stock
51195096-100 PLCI I/O In Stock
51195096-200 PLCI I/O Card, CE In Stock
51195156-100 20Meg Bernoulli In Stock
51195156-200 Beta 20A Bernoulli In Stock
51195156-300 20ZA Meg Bernoulli Drive In Stock
51195499-100 5-slot chassis classic In Stock
51195752-100 Dual Node Module Classic In Stock
51196483-100 150 MB Bernoulli Drive In Stock
51196485-400 150MB Bernoulli Cartridge Call
51196653-100 5-slot File Pwr Supply CE In Stock
51196654-100 TDCMicro Pwr Sup CE 10slt In Stock
51196655-100 Dual Node CE Module PS In Stock
51196692-100 5-slot chassis classic CE In Stock
51196694-150 IKB w/o trackball-Z consl Call
51196694-250 IKB w/trackball-Z console Call
51196714-100 Micro Trackball In Stock
51196727-100 Dual Node Module Clssc CE In Stock
51196728-100 Dual Node Module "Z" CE In Stock
51196729-100 5-Slot chassis- Z/CE In Stock
51196929-135 3.5 Internal Zip Drive In Stock
51197005-200 T/S Cntrl bd for Z-style In Stock
51197006-100 21in CRT T/S for Z-style In Stock
51197068-100 5-Slot chassis- Z station In Stock
51197564-100 UCN Fiber Extender 2KM AC Call
51197564-200 UCN Fiber Extender 24 VDC Call
51198947-100 HPM Power Supply In Stock
51201557-100 Std Fiber Optic Coupler In Stock
51201557-150 Std Fiber Optic Coupler CC Call
51201557-300 Std Fiber Optic Coupler In Stock
51201557-350 Std Fiber Optic Coupler CC In Stock
51303642-300 US Annunciator - Z Style In Stock
51303940-100 Fan Asm w/Alrm nonCC 115 In Stock
51303940-150 Fan Asm w/Alarm CC 115v In Stock
51303940-151 Fan w/alrm CE CC 115V WPC In Stock
51303940-200 Fan Asm w/Alrm nonCC 240v In Stock
51303940-250 Fan Asm w/Alarm CC 240v In Stock
51303940-251 Fan w/alrm CE CC 240V-WPC In Stock
51303944-100 PNI Paddlecard Assy In Stock
51303947-100 PNM Paddle card I/O In Stock
51303948-100 48V Batt Backup Assy/Tray In Stock
51303968-100 Charger/Monitor for CMOS In Stock
51303979-500 APM I/O Link Interface In Stock
51303979-550 APM I/O Link I/F CC CE In Stock
51304156-100 SPC I/O In Stock
51304270-100 EPDG I/O In Stock
51304419-100 I/O Link Extender In Stock
51304419-150 I/O Link Extender, CC In Stock
51304421-100 PLCG Relay Panel In Stock
51304421-200 PLCG Relay Panel, CE In Stock
51304425-100 DI 24V PwrDist NonCE FTA In Stock
51304425-125 DI 24V PwrDist CE FTA In Stock
51304425-175 DI 24V PwrDist CC CE FTA In Stock
51304493-200 APM Modem Card In Stock
51304493-250 APM Modem Card CC In Stock
51304511-100 NIM Modem In Stock
51304511-200 NIM Modem (CE Compliant) In Stock
51304518-100 APM Control Module In Stock
51304518-150 APM Control Module CC In Stock
51304537-100 CNI I/O In Stock
51304540-100 LCNE2 Paddle Board-Non CE In Stock
51304540-200 LCNE2 Paddle board-CE In Stock
51304542-100 KLCN-CA I/O Card In Stock
51304544-100 KLCN-CB I/O Card In Stock
51304584-100 EPDGP I/O board In Stock
51304584-200 EPDGP I/O board In Stock
51304584-300 EPDGP I/O for Z-Console In Stock
51304685-100 Advanced Comm - APM R400 In Stock
51304685-150 Advanced Comm R400 CC CE In Stock
51304812-100 EPLC I/O non-CE In Stock
51304812-200 EPLCI I/O CE In Stock
51304831-100 TPDG I/O (non-CE) In Stock
51304903-100 WDA I/O Card In Stock
51304903-200 Wren Drive Interface (CE) In Stock
51304907-100 SPC-II In Stock
51304907-200 SPC-II CE In Stock
51304924-100 WSI2 I/O for UXS In Stock
51304924-200 WSI2 I/O for UXS CE In Stock
51304947-100 WorkStationIO (WSI2R I/O) In Stock
51305072-100 CLCN-A/B LCN I/O card CE In Stock
51305072-200 CLCN-A LCN I/O Card CE In Stock
51305072-300 CLCN-B LCN I/O Card CE In Stock
51305072-400 CLCNA/B LCN I/O non-CE In Stock
51305072-500 CLCN-A LCN I/O non-CE In Stock
51305072-600 CLCN-B LCN I/O non-CE In Stock
51305072-700 CLCN-A/B LCN I/O short CE Call
51305072-800 CLCN-A LCN I/O short CE Call
51305072-900 CLCN-B LCN I/O short CE In Stock
51305075-100 TPDGC I/O (CE) In Stock
51305508-100 XLCNE2 - Non CE MultiMode Call
51305508-200 XLCNE2 - CE MultiMode Call
51308012-100 120V Power Dis Board Assy In Stock
51308014-100 240V Power Dis Board Assy In Stock
51308035-100 Manifold PWA for OP Keybd In Stock
51309276-150 HPM I/O Link CC In Stock
51400641-100 10 Card Chassis In Stock
51400646-100 5-slot chassis Fan Assy In Stock
51400647-100 10-slot chassis Fan Assy In Stock
51400664-100 MCPU for TDC 3000 In Stock
51400667-100 TDC 3000 LCN Board In Stock
51400669-100 Floppy Disc Controller In Stock
51400700-100 DHI Data Hwy I/F TDC 3000 In Stock
51400712-100 5 slot chassis pwr supply In Stock
51400712-200 10 slt chassis Pwr Supply In Stock
51400751-100 Engineer's Keyboard - US In Stock
51400756-100 "ABCDE" Membrane Keybd In Stock
51400771-100 US Operator Keybd I/F In Stock
51400822-200 Touch Screen, pre-smart In Stock
51400855-100 SIO Board (Trend Pen) In Stock
51400901-100 Enhanced Module Processor In Stock
51400910-100 1 M-Word Enhanced Memory In Stock
51400955-100 Process Network I/F (NIM) In Stock
51400965-100 5-Slot Chassis, Style 2 In Stock
51400972-100 US Kybd I/F Electronics In Stock
51400978-100 TDC3000 HMPU Processor In Stock
51400988-100 US Touchscreen, Smart In Stock
51400988-200 US Touchscreen, Smart, CE In Stock
51400993-100 US Operator Keyboard In Stock
51400993-400 US Operator Keyboard In Stock
51400997-100 PLC Gateway Interface In Stock
51400997-200 Enhanced PLC Gateway I/F In Stock
51401052-100 SPC Card In Stock
51401072-200 QMEM-2 In Stock
51401072-300 3 M-Word Enhanced Memory In Stock
51401088-100 CNI - Interface for PLNM In Stock
51401163-100 Process Network Modem-NIM In Stock
51401214-100 PM Power System Housing In Stock
51401216-100 PM Power System Ctrl Assy In Stock
51401286-100 EPDG Interface Card In Stock
51401288-100 HPK2-2 Processor In Stock
51401288-200 HPK2-3 Processor In Stock
51401291-100 Low Power LCN (LLCN) In Stock
51401381-100 5 Slot Cardfile Backplane In Stock
51401477-100 Dual Node Backplane Assy In Stock
51401496-100 Dual Node Fan Assembly In Stock
51401497-100 Dual Node Power Supply In Stock
51401546-100 PM/APM 15 Slot I/O File In Stock
51401547-100 APM/PM Control & I/O File In Stock
51401560-100 QWERTY Membrane Keyboard In Stock
51401570-100 US Op Kybd I/F QWERTY/ABC In Stock
51401583-100 EPNI Card - NIM In Stock
51401635-100 Comm/Control (HPM) In Stock
51401635-150 HPM Comm/Controller CC In Stock
51401642-100 HPM I/O Link In Stock
51401642-150 HPM I/O Link CC In Stock
51401952-100 Keyboard I/F, Z, kybd 2 In Stock
51401952-200 Keyboard I/F, classic kb2 In Stock
51401975-100 Roving Gray Engineer Kybd In Stock
51402030-200 WSI Board In Stock
51402083-100 WSI2, 64MHz w/o Graphics In Stock
51402083-200 WSI2, 100MHz w/o Graphics In Stock
51402083-300 WSI2, 64MHZ w/ Graphics In Stock
51402083-400 WSI2, 100MHZ w/ Graphics In Stock
51402089-100 EPDG2 Interface Card In Stock
51402447-100 EPDGC-1 I/O In Stock
51402447-200 EPDGC-2 I/O In Stock
51402455-100 D/N Module Class or Z CE In Stock
51402573-150 HPM UCN Interface CC In Stock
51402573-250 HPM UCN Interface CC In Stock
51402594-100 PM-07 I/O File- Left Side In Stock
51402594-200 PM-07 I/O File-Right Side Call
51402610-200 Turbo Peripheral DG - USX In Stock
51402645-200 Turbo Peripheral DG - UxS In Stock
51403135-100 Touch Screen Assy 21in Z Call
51403144-100 Dual Node Card File Z In Stock
51403157-200 Aux Power Supply Assembly Call
51403158-100 Brt/Contrst for CRT on Z In Stock
51403165-400 Kybd Tray Assy Z CE In Stock
51403422-150 HPM Comm/Controller CC In Stock
51403698-100 Single Bd History Module In Stock
51403988-150 HPM Comm/Controller CC Call
51404125-100 HPM 7Slot LF side non-CE Call
51404125-150 HPM 7Slot LF non-CE CC In Stock
51404125-200 HPM 7Slot Chassis-LF side Call
51404125-250 HPM 7Slot LF non-CE CC In Stock
51404126-100 HPM 7Slot RT Side non-CE Call
51404126-150 HPM 7Slot RT non-CE CC In Stock
51404126-200 HPM 7Slot Chassis-RT side Call
51404126-250 HPM 7Slot RT side non-CE In Stock
51404127-100 HPM File 15 slot I/O In Stock
51404127-150 HPM File 15 slot I/O CC In Stock
51404127-200 HPM File 15 slot In Stock
51404127-250 HPM File 15 Slot CC In Stock
51404170-125 Power System Housing In Stock
51404193-175 HPM+I/O 15 slot CF CE/CC In Stock
51404193-275 15 Slot I/O rack CE/CC In Stock
51404193-325 HPM+15-Slot Chassis CE In Stock
51404193-375 HPM 15 Slot File CE CC In Stock
51404193-425 HPM 15-slot I/O CE In Stock
51404193-475 HPM 15 Slt Unvl CE CC Call
80360206-001 CLI - Computer Gateway In Stock
80360209-001 I/O CLI In Stock
80360230-001 I/O CLI In Stock
CFHDD Compact Flash HD-Dual In Stock
CFHDS Compact Flash HD-Single In Stock
CFZE2GB Compact Flash Zip Emulator In Stock
CHASSIS See link for details In Stock
HMT3000 H-well Mouse Translator In Stock
HPI3000 PrinterProtocol Converter Call
HPI3010 HPI-USB Protocol Cvtr In Stock
K2LCN2 K2LCN-2 Board In Stock
K2LCN3 K2LCN-3 Card In Stock
K2LCN4 K2LCN-4 Card In Stock
K2LCN6 K2LCN-6 Board In Stock
K2LCN8 K2LCN-8 Board In Stock
K4LCN16 16M LCN Processor Board In Stock
K4LCN4 4MW LCN Processor Board In Stock
K4LCN8 8MW LCN Processor Board In Stock
LCNCABLES See Link for Details In Stock
PROCESSORS See link for details In Stock
QMEM4 4 M-Word Enhanced Memory In Stock
ST32272N ST32272N HM Hard Drive In Stock
ST336607LW Seagate 36G Ultra320 HD In Stock
ST3600N WDA 445MB Hard Drive In Stock
ST39175LW Seagate Hard Drive In Stock
ST39236LW Seagate 9.1G Wide SCSI Dr In Stock
UCNCABLES See Link for Details In Stock